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The story of Nightwish: in their own words!

Part 3: 2000-2001

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It was only the beginning of the Nightwish juggernaut, which would start the band going on full speed with the release of their 3rd album, Wishmaster (and considered by many to be their "breakthrough" album), the success of which would culminate into the band's first live DVD, entitled From Wishes to Eternity...
Tarja Turunen:
"Heh, if Oceanborn gave this type of 'Wow!' feelings to people, then Wishmaster's whole era was ended to a certain burst of different problems inside the band. We had been touring like hell for that album, got very exhausted for touring and even got tired of seeing each other's faces at that time. Eventually every one of us thought that things just didn't seem to turn out as smoothly and effortlessly for any one of us as we were hoping for and all this was culminated pretty heavily into the recording of Wishmaster, the mother of all our troubles that we channeled right into the stressful studio sessions of this particular album. We kind of managed to get rid of our shitty feelings right after we had finished the recordings for Wishmaster and because of that it was much easier and more comfortable for us to start doing gigs again. Because of our somewhat shitty feelings during the recording sessions of Wishmaster, it turned out to be a damn dark and even scary album both musically and lyrically in my opinion."
(Metal-Rules.com, June 2004)

Tuomas Holopainen:
"I think that it pretty much came naturally, we just wanted to do a natural sequel to Oceanborn because I think that with this record we had found the style that we want to do. We wanted to improve everything, for I think that Oceanborn is a great record, but it lacks the good arrangements and at some point Tarja sings too high and things like that. So we only wanted to make things a little better and in my opinion that is just what happened."
(Battlehelm interview, 2001)

"I guess the most memorable thing for me with Nightwish has been our gig in Tampere, Finland...which was filmed and came out as a DVD titled From Wishes to Eternity. Particularly that very moment when we all knew that it went just great and our label manager Ewo from Spinefarm Records brought us platinum albums (for the Wishmaster album!) to the stage. I think that's one of those very memorable and special moments for all of us in the band that we have acheived with Nightwish thus far. I have to admit some of us had tiny tears in our eyes because it was indeed kind of a 'touching moment', ya know? It was overall just an indescribable feeling."
(Metal-Rules.com, March 2002)

WM promo

Wishmaster would be the biggest test of the band's career. For despite all the happy times that came with their success, many unresolved conflicts were coming to a head. The 2001 release of their mini-EP Over the Hills and Far Away brought even more success and touring, but less time to focus on these issues. The result was the departure of bassist Sami Vänskä, and the future of Nightwish was uncertain.
Tarja Turunen:
"We had many music disagreements, and discussions started to appear. We tried to avoid them and talk to make things go better but Sami was who decided to leave the band. But he left it in a pacific way without problems."
(Cursed With Oblivion, July 8th, 2002)

"At the time, I was in Germany and didn't know what the hell was going on, when somebody called me from Finland and told me that Tuomas wanted to end Nightwish. We all had a bad phase and I honestly don't know what went wrong. Maybe we were just tired from all the touring."
(Terrorizer Magazine, December 2004)

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