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Questions about the band's music & albums

Q: There is a Nightwish song that is not on any of their albums, where can I find it?
A: You can go to the band's official website and look at their discography section to see the various releases of singles and compilation CDs that their bonus tracks are featured on.

Q: Where does Tuomas find inspiration for his lyrics?
A: Tuomas has cited various sources of inspiration for his lyrics, his biggest being Disney (his homage to Disney can be found in the lyrics of the song "FantasMic", and mentioned briefly in the lyrics of the song "The Wayfarer"), and movie score music. He is also a fan of the Lord of the Rings series of books by J.R.R. Tolkien (reference to Lord of the Rings can be heard in the song "Elvenpath", as well as sound clips from the animated Lord of the Rings film within the song itself, as well as a play on words in the lyrics of "Crownless" that give homage to Lord of the Rings), and the Dragonlance series of books by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (reference to both of these series of books can be found within the lyrics of "Wishmaster"). The current album, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, has several songs with lyrics pertaining to science, evolution, and rejection of religious belief. His lyrics are also very deep and personal, and he has stated many times that his lyrics are like pages from his diary. As far as the deeper meaning of most of his songs, it is likely something you would have to ask him yourself.

Q: Hey, my Once CD cover looks different. Why?
A: Depending on which cover you're looking at, you may either have the imported version or the U.S. release. The release from Finland (and most of the rest of the world) has the tombstone figure in light blue and white. The U.S. version has a dark gray color. Another way to tell the difference is that the U.S. release features two bonus tracks: "White Night Fantasy" and "Live to Tell the Tale".

Q: On my Once CD, the song "Dead Gardens" stops all of a sudden at the end. Is there something wrong with it?
A: Not at all, this is the way the song was written and you would find the song to end the exact same way no matter which version of Once you have purchased.

Q: Where do I find the 3 extra tracks on Century Child?
A: New fans are often confused by this, as on the back cover of Century Child, the three parts of the final track, "Beauty of the Beast" ("Long Lost Love", "One More Night to Live", "Christabel"), are listed so that they almost look like separate tracks. However, this is not the case. The three bonus songs are actually demo tracks from the Angels Fall First recording sessions: "The Forever Moments", "Nightwish", and the demo version of "Etiäinen". These could only be found on the Spinefarm limited edition version of Century Child and were only available for download for a limited time, but they have since been re-released on remastered versions of Angels Fall First.

Q: What is that song I hear at the beginning of the End of Innocence DVD? Is it available anywhere?
A: The song is called "Kiteen Pallo", and it was written several years ago as theme music for the baseball team of Kitee, Finland. Other than End of Innocence, this track is not available on any other official release. However, the band presented it to fans as a Christmas present on their website back in 2003, and can still be found available for download here through the band's official website. You can also find an updated version of the Kitee team's theme music; it's a remixed version of "Last Ride of the Day", and it can also be found on the band's official site.

Q: Who is doing the male vocals on the earlier songs, before Marco joined the band?
A: There are several answers to that question. For the Angels Fall First songs, including the bonus track "Once Upon a Troubadour", Tuomas Holopainen provided the male vocal parts. He also did backing vocals on "Over the Hills and Far Away". But as he was not as confident in his singing abilities as in his other musical talents, he decided to find other male vocalists to provide the parts when required. One of these was Tapio Wilska, Tuomas' former bandmate in Nattvindens Grat and former vocalist of Finntroll. He provides vocals on the Oceanborn tracks "Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean" and "The Pharaoh Sails to Orion", as well as on the Over the Hills and Far Away track "10th Man Down". Another guest male vocalist was Tony Kakko from the band Sonata Arctica, who lent his vocals to the 2001 remake of "Astral Romance" (which can also be found on the Over the Hills and Far Away EP), and the live version of "Beauty and the Beast" from the first Nightwish DVD, From Wishes to Eternity.

Q: In songs like "Dead Boy's Poem" or the album title of Century Child, did one of the bandmembers experience a tragic loss like the death of a child?
A: Again, these are just metaphors and are not autobiographical to any bandmember.
Q: What is the song "Higher Than Hope" about, and who does the spoken parts in that song?
A: "Higher Than Hope" was written as a tribute to American Nightwish fan Marc Brueland, who was touched by the music of Nightwish and became friends with Tuomas. After his long battle with cancer came to an end in 2003, Tuomas was compelled to write lyrics for his fallen friend. Marc's voice is the one you hear in the song, taken in an interview he gave, in response to a question regarding his ordeal with cancer. You can read more about Marc's courageous story by visiting our Walking in the Air section.

Q: At the bottom of the lyrics to "The Kinslayer" in the Wishmaster booklet, it reads: "4 pink ones, 9 blue ones, 2 black ones: in memory of the Redeemers 20.4.99". What does this mean?
A: The lyrics of "The Kinslayer" were written about the tragic school shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. "4 pink ones" refer to the four females that were killed, "9 blue ones" the nine males, and "2 black ones" refer to the two school shooters that went on the rampage and eventually took their own lives, and "20.4.99" is the date of the tragedy (April 20th, 1999).

Q: What is the lyric in the demo version of "Wish I Had an Angel", the part that was replaced by "beauty always comes with dark thoughts"?
A: Since the lyrics to the demo version of "Wish I Had an Angel" were never printed anywhere, it is only a guess as to what the line is. Some people believe it is "sex unhad only adds to the lust" (there is debate as to whether it is "merely" or "only", but for the most part it appears to be the consensus that this is what is being said in that verse).

Q: Was the Imaginaerum movie ever shown in movie theaters outside of Finland?
A: Several countries including Canada, Poland, and Germany showed the film during its theater run.

Q: Was the Imaginaerum movie ever shown in theaters in the United States?

Q: Is the Imaginaerum movie available on DVD in the U.S.?
A: Yes, the band's label Nuclear Blast released the DVD in NTSC format in June 2015.

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