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The story of Nightwish: in their own words!

Part 7: "The Beginning"

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After over a year of endless speculation, countless auditions and many months of secretive silence, the band finally made their decision and in May 2007 the new singer would at last be revealed to the world: 36-year-old Swedish vocalist Anette Olzon, mother of one and former frontwoman of the band Alyson Avenue. Although Anette's demo tape was one of the first to reach the ears of Nightwish, the band would not instantly name her their new member. But Anette refused to take 'no' for an answer, because it appeared that from the start, music was her destiny...
Anette Olzon:
"I've been singing my whole life and was born into a family of musicians where everyone from my mother's side has worked as a musician. My childhood was full of instruments, playing and singing. My mother is also a singer so I've toured with my parents in the tour bus ever since my early childhood. I started singing with a band when I was 13. [...] Then my mother got married for the second time for ten years. Her new husband had a son named Niklas and I went to sing some backing vocals to the demo of his band. I was seventeen at that time. That band was called Alyson Avenue. The boys of the band were so impressed with my voice that they asked me to join the band. At first the band also had a male vocalist who was later kicked out of the band so I had full control of the mic. I think it was the year '89. From that moment on Alyson Avenue kept rocking until things cooled down about two years ago."
(Imperiumi.net interview, May 30th, 2007)

"I liked this music right from the beginning. But I never envisaged the fact that an e-mail with a positive reaction would arrive only a few days after I sent my application!"
(Metal Hammer, July 2007)

"At first I felt like I should send them a demo even though I can't sing operatically. But then I thought, 'Nah, I'll pass.' The sound technician of Arrival ranted at me: 'But you must send them that demo, you have to send it right now!' After he had persuaded me for a while, I finally asked Niklas and the guitar player of Cloudscape if they could help me to record "Ever Dream". We recorded that one song in one day and sent it forward. I received e-mail from Tuomas almost instantly. He had liked my singing very much and asked me to send three songs more. I even sung "Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan" as a bonus! I thought the band would make the decision quickly so I recorded this second demo in a hurry. I think it was January when Tuomas already had all the songs I'd recorded."
(Imperiumi.net interview, May 30th, 2007)

"It wasn't really helpful that the whole band was watching me during the demo-recordings. But they were all really nice to me. Finally not only Nightwish have chosen me-—I have chosen the band as well."
(Metal Hammer, July 2007)

"Of course I can't please everyone and I'm not even going to try. But I think the band will now gain some new fans who haven't liked them before. Some just didn't like the opera-style vocals. If the band had chosen a new operatic singer, it could have been their doom because Tarja is so extremely good at what she does. Her sound can't be copied and it wouldn't make any sense to try. The change can be welcome as well."
(Imperiumi.net interview, May 30th, 2007)

Tuomas Holopainen:
"The uppermost feeling I have at the moment, is relief because we don't have to hide her anymore. And it must be a huge relief to her as well because like keeping her in a cave all the time, wasn't that much fun. But it was something that needed to be done. And now, we finished mixing the album last Friday so we have the album ready. She's out, so in that sense I feel really, really good. Also, the people, the band and the media have welcomed her in a really nice way. I personally expected 'the barbecue' to be much worse!"
(Metal-Rules.com, May 31st, 2007)

"Anette convinced us right from the beginning both with her voice and her personality, but we absolutely wanted to play safe and took up a lot of time with the search and the decision. But all the others always had to compete with Anette who sent us one of the first applications. She was and is a real lucky choice."
(Sonic Seducer, July 2007)

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